The Wall Will Never Exist

Trump doesn’t care about your safety and never will

I mean, not really.

Tonight, the President of the United States will appear on all of the major news networks to feed the country lie after lie. He will likely call the situation at the border a crisis and attempt to call a state of emergency. He will do this to build the wall without congressional approval.

Donald Trump will tell us that there are record levels of terrorists trying to enter the United States without providing any evidence. He will label asylum seekers as illegal migrants and gang members. He will blame Democrats for the deaths of children at the border, along with the actual shutdown.

None of this is true of course. Trump specifically said to blame him for the shutdown over border funding. Now, over 800,000 federal employees are still without a paycheck, as well as millions of other federal contractor positions. We are now in the third week of the government shutdown. Some of the lower wage workers, such as those at the TSA are really feeling the squeeze now, with some resorting to find different or additional work.

Does it seem insane to shut down the entire U.S. government over $5 billion for a wall? Of course. Then why is Trump doing of all of this? Well, his entire Presidential campaign and subsequent Presidency has been based on fear. Without the constant fear mongering, Trumpism is impotent. If there is nothing to fear, there is no need to build a giant wall to keep people who look different out of the country.

Trump’s reputation and his 2020 campaign are on the line with this shutdown. Don’t treat this as an actual national security crisis. It’s not.

The catch with this entire manufactured crisis is that this wall is never getting built, no matter the outcome of this shutdown fight. This is all political for Trump. He wants to just be able to say that construction on the wall has begun so that he can use it politically at his rallies. Without this, Trump has absolutely nothing to run on.

His grand tax cuts have been an utter failure. His party was wiped out in the midterms. The stock market is headed towards bear territory after this first fiscal year. The trade war has done nothing but increased the trade deficit.

The wall is simply a distraction from the total disaster of Trump’s presidency for average Americans. So, what’s really happening?

  • Carbon emissions have increased in the United States for the first time in three years, and the highest in right years. This is the result of the rollbacks of many environmental regulations by the Trump administration.
  • Betsy DeVos is set to unveil a plan to allow federal loan/grant money to once again be used at for-profit colleges. The Department of Education will also loosen regulations on accrediting agencies. This will lead to students being cheated once again by for-profit schools.
  • Millions still don’t have health insurance and the Trump administration has taken every step to undermine the ACA marketplace, including starving the marketing budget and shortening deadlines. Meanwhile, young people with diabetes are dying because they can’t afford insulin.

So, it’s in Trump’s best interest to keep the focus on the border and the wall. It’s all that he has left. Frankly, it’s all the Republican party has left. The cult-like Trump supporters will continue to back him on the wall, however. They have been fed all lies for almost four years now on the “crisis” at the border.

The truth is that apprehensions at the border have been falling for years. At the same time, the total number of undocumented persons inside the United States has gone down. These numbers declined after the great recession since the prospect of work within the United States was not as certain as before.

Those who study unauthorized immigration expect the number of Mexicans crossing the border to continue to drop. Jeffrey Passell, a demographer explains, “A lot of Mexican unauthorized migration was related to family and friendship linkages between people in Mexico and immigrants in the U.S.” Since less immigrants have crossed the border in recent years, there are less family members that try to follow in their footsteps.

When you listen to Donald Trump tonight, keep in mind that he does not care about your safety. As always, he cares about himself and nothing else. He wants to maintain and expand his power, and instilling fear in Americans is the first step in that process. Trump’s reputation and his 2020 campaign are on the line with this shutdown. Don’t treat this as an actual national security crisis. It’s not.

M.A. in Applied Economics. I'm here to talk about economics, politics, and life. Follow me here and on Twitter @FrankLukacovic

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