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The United States needs to rethink our culture of work

There is an ongoing fight in Congress and throughout the political arena over raising the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. The budget reconciliation process presented the Senate an opportunity to raise the wage. Sadly, the measure was defeated as a part of the Covid relief bill passed in March after Democrats caved to a non-elected Senate Parliamentarian. A handful of Democratic Senators also decided to vote the amendment down along with all Republicans.

The federal minimum wage has been stuck at $7.25 an hour since 2007. It’s an embarrassingly low number for the wealthiest country in the world…

Instead of pressuring moderate Senators, Biden is giving them cover

As talks continue on the next Covid relief bill, it is clear that President Biden isn’t all that interested in raising the minimum wage despite his campaign promise to do so. Over the last week, Biden has used very careful language when speaking about the effort to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15. He says he supports the raise but it may not be allowed as part of the budget reconciliation process. However, that simply isn’t the case. Many Democrats, including Senator Bernie Sanders, are confident that the minimum wage affects the budget and will be allowed.

America survived the coup. Next time, we may not be as lucky.

The United States is still reeling after a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol by radical far-right extremists in early January. Incited by the President, a large group of insurrectionists attempted to stage a coup to prevent Joe Biden from being certified the rightful winner of last November’s election. Let’s not mince words on what took place that day. Those mobs of people there were to overthrow democracy and potentially kill members of Congress and the Vice President.

It was not just Donald Trump that brought this upon us. The entire right-wing ecosystem has led to this moment by first…

Joe Biden and the Democrats will only harm themselves by trying to work with Republicans

As of November 16th, Donald Trump has still refused to concede the Presidential election to the rightful winner, Joe Biden. None of this is that surprising — Trump has never admitted defeat ever in his life. He instead lies about the system and the election being rigged against him. He did a similar thing in 2016 claiming he lost the popular votes only due to illegal immigrants casting ballots. Of course, his appointed panel to investigate voter fraud turned up zero evidence to this claim. …

A Biden Landslide is on the way

We are only two weeks out from election day and the picture looks quite grim for Donald Trump and the Republican party. After a horrendous debate performance and catching Covid-19, Trump’s campaign is in freefall. The national polling average shows Biden with a double-digit lead and almost all swing state polling is leaning towards Biden as well. In addition, most election models show the Democratic Party winning both the Senate and House.

Understandably, Democrats are reluctant to celebrate early after the 2016 election. But they should breathe a little easier this time around. This race resembles the 2008 race more…

To ensure your vote is counted and Trump is defeated, it’s best to avoid mail ballots.

As Covid-19 continues to ravage America, there is serious concern over the election in November. Joe Biden is leading comfortably in the polls at the moment and at the same time, President Trump is openly talking about delaying the election. Trump has also called this the most corrupt and inaccurate election of all-time and it hasn’t even taken place yet.

To combat the coronavirus, many states have granted large numbers of absentee or mail ballots. This measure is great in theory, as it allows Americans to safely vote from home, minimizing the risk of contracting the virus. …

As the Trump Presidency falls apart, Biden has become the clear favorite

It is hard to forget the feelings from November 8, 2016, when Donald Trump did the unimaginable, in defeating Hillary Clinton to win the Presidency. Before the election, Clinton was declared a large favorite, with some models giving her as much as a 98 percent chance of winning. On Election night, Donald Trump managed to dismantle the “blue wall” by winning Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin by the slimmest of margins.

This time around, Trump faces former Vice President Joe Biden. Although he holds a similar worldview and politics as Hillary Clinton, Biden finds himself in a great position heading into…

We shouldn’t yearn to return to the past

We are now over two months into most of the United States being under some type of lockdown order. Here in the state of New York, we are currently required to wear masks if we need to go out in public and we can only begin to reopen some businesses if we have two straight weeks of decreasing hospitalizations.

A lot of Americans have started to get used to the current situation, whether it’s working from home, being unemployed, or now being counted on as an essential worker. …

It only took a pandemic for many to realize it

On Wednesday, April 8th, Senator Bernie Sanders decided to bow out of the Presidential campaign, essentially handing the Democratic nomination to the former Vice President Joe Biden. It was a heartbreaking day for so many dedicated supporters and volunteers. This time around was supposed to be different — Bernie was going to win.

The race didn’t go according to plan. After winning the first three contests, South Carolina happened. Joe Biden won convincingly in the Palmetto State, with Sanders coming in a distant second place. The media then took it from there driving their narratives of Bernie struggling with black…

Only Bernie Sanders is siding with democracy.

The main story from the Democratic debate in Nevada was the utter collapse of Mike Bloomberg. He was bruised and battered by all of the others on stage, especially Elizabeth Warren. He had no response for his horrid record of Stop and Frisk or for the many allegations of sexual harassment. He proved that money may be able to get you onto the debate stage but that it can’t change history. Bloomberg’s numbers will start to plummet and numerous candidates will benefit, leading to a clustered field.

There was another key moment Wednesday night. As the fiery debate was coming…

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